Value Added Personality Investments


The art of investment does not start and end with financial investments alone; because true value does not lie in money neither can it be fully expressed entirely in financial terms. Investing in people, value added investment in social and community development, is what I am talking about.

It is unjust to measure one’s net worth exclusively based on how much they own financially but rather in how much people they have positive or negative influential effect upon either directly or indirectly. The more people you affect and influence positively the stronger you become (the opposite is true), the more people you genuinely win on your side –without force, intimidation, extortion or seduction – the more powerful you become. People should come to your side willingly they should love you first because you love them first before they loved you.   However, some methods of winning people to your side as we see in many political arenas are not permanent, because your methods of wining people’s heart are not based on trust, respect and loyalty towards you. If you win people to your side through unorthodox means it will always come back to haunt you.

People should not feel intimidated if they do not want to join your camp, they have to do it out of their independent choice, even God does not do that, He gives people room to choose between Him and any other gods of their choice. If you are not good and people do not like you or find your ideas repulsive and dislike your products or services, they should freely express so without any fear getting sabotaged, disenfranchised or targeted violently.

The steps to innovation is when a good man presents himself, products, or services to the people and allows them to judge or criticize his work and they can get away with it without grudges. If your story is good and honorable coming from an honest individual, people will eventually buy it without reservations.

The challenge is to love people with a genuine heart, giving yourself whole-heartedly to the service of humankind without a capitalist knife behind your back. If you are really and genuinely are committed to the development and lively hood of humanity you can never lack to find anything to give to the world out of the abundance your heart, no matter how much little you own in material. The issue is not in material giving, the enlightened people know this that giving does not start and end in giving material gifts.


There are many aspects of life in which you can practice generosity, it could be your time, lend someone an ear, give a word of comfort to someone in grief, cause a smile to someone in pain, share your time with someone in prison, visit the hospital, help the old neighbor with her garden and all that. The list is endless a genuine person never falls short of opportunities to give.

Now the more people you reach out to the more are they who are going to love and support you, the more powerful you become, thereby making a name for yourself until you become a famous personality. Although the numbers of your distractors may also be growing at the same time, they can but never grow beyond the number of your friends, brethren, followers and loyalists. You develop in your area of work to a level where your name becomes a reckoned brand of choice that calls for brand management skills to be implemented same way it is required with any commercial brand.

The woman, who is consciously dedicated to the transformation and development of humankind, can never run short of ideas to input in human development initiatives. There is always something you can do with your life to help the world, to improve the lives of the suffering. The moment you resolve in your heart to say, “This is who I am and this is what I am going to do” your mind begins to open up to such innovative ideas and begins to show you the direction and wisdom on how you can help others. The matter no longer dependent on how much money you have in your wallet or how much you do not have in your bank account, it is not about the availability of resources or the lack thereof that affects your initiative. What really affects your initiative is the lack of a heartfelt desire to help people and make the world a better place.


Love The Good You


You got to love everything about yourself and concentrate all your attention upon such things you love about yourself. Fill your heart and all your mind with thoughts of love. Engulf yourself, focus on what’s good about you, fill every space with positivity, that way hatred and strife is squashed out of your life before you know it.

You gotta love yourself love what you do, don’t fight with evil, don’t hate anything you think is wrong with you, just work out the muscle on what’s good and concentrate with laser like focus upon it. Perfect your skills on what you do good, polish your positive traits,let them shine to the world. That way the negative muscle is soon weakened over powered.

Don’t try and stop doing what you know is not right about you, don’t hate that, because after all know one is perfect and God knows that. Just sweep it aside forget about it as if it never existed at all, like weeds lacking the sunshine they eventually wither out of your life. And don’t make extra effort to try and please people because they will notice and that won’t always go right with everybody. Rather just be yourself the good you, be happy with yourself and the same people will love that about you. Who doesn’t love a happy person every sensible human does.

You gotta love your skin, the color of your hair, the bald patch, hey don’t be ashamed with one precious creation that God took his time to bring out so perfect. God doesn’t create His people like we do on industrial assembly lines, that’s why every one of His masterpieces is unique. You may look like your mum but you ain’t exactly like your mom, there are a whole lot of differences between you two. Don’t let other people stamp on your emotions and ruin your confidence, you should know that you are the main man. Everyone who hates you, they got something wrong in their minds, they need help. But the trick is you don’t win them over by fighting them, but through love, don’t try to behave as if you love them, I’m talking about genuine love, because anything that is fake is not right, that will eventually be flown back to your face.

So the game is to show some love, show some goodness, don’t over do it cause otherwise the law of reversible reaction will take it toll on you. And that will end in frustration, disappointments, depressions and all that bad stuff you know. Just love and love more, never hate, you may dislike something but never hate, the feeling of hatred is never good for the heart. Hatred destroys, it breaks things it breaks your heart ,it breaks other peoples hearts, it breaks everything.

Before you learn to love others start by loving yourself, then you will finish by loving your neighbor like you love your own self.

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Sometimes its not easy…


Sometimes you have to fight like a devil, in order to protect like an Angel.

You can not just sit and wait for the heavens to get involved while your destiny is slipping away through your fingers. You can’t let the devil rob you in broad day light.

Sometimes you just need to be aggressive, don’t just roar back to the devil, go ahead and threaten his very existence. He must take his dirty grip from off your life, he just have to let you go.

You cant remain a spectator in life, cheering others carrying on while you sit on the bench. Rise up..take your weapons of war, go fear not..go, confront your situation.

Behind the thicket ther is a door wide open for you. Never mind the enemies arrows, the thorns and bushes pricking at you right now, just carry on fight your way through the thicket.

There is a light at the other end of the tunnel, there you shall catch a new breath of fresh air, your soul shall be satisfied. You shall be contented of your hunger.

But sometimes its not easy….

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The World In Your Sense


We don’t see the world as it is, we see the world as we are: that is to say we perceive the world in terms of our senses.

For example, the animals in the animal kingdom, the rattle snake perceive the world in terms of heat radiation, which is different from the sperm whale which perceives the world in terms of sound waves.

As an individual, you have got your own unique way of interpreting the world around you, and that influences the way you react to every situation that faces you.

Its either “How does the world look like “or “how do you think the world looks like”.

Here the lesson is : Learn to program your mind for the best perception. Of the world around you. Think positive, and you see a positive world around you!

Thank you.